Ms. Christi Turdo serves as the Founder and CEO of CET Tennis Enterprises, LLC. Christi has been in the tennis industry for over 30 years either as a competitive professional player, tennis instructor, club owner, manager, and now entrepreneur. A graduate of The Ohio State University, where she played collegiate tennis, Christi developed her tennis skills and extended her tennis contacts throughout the country. Her expertise in the tennis business has allowed her to see the needs of the tennis industry first hand and to develop products that will benefit the industry in the future. She presently owns and operates a 10 court indoor tennis facility known as Glenbrook Racquet Club.

The Hoparazzi is an innovative ball gathering device that is used to gather tennis balls when several balls are spread all over a tennis court either during a workout session or during a tennis lesson. The product has evolved through multiple improvement cycles, and with the current product using an innovative system that aesthetically and ergonomically changes the way tennis balls are gathered.

It’s main features are:

  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Patented stacking feature for saving on storage space and ease of transportation
  • Telescoping handle that allows all heights of users to ergonomically use the basket
  • Two products have handles that fold down and become legs so the basket will be lifted up off the ground