Tennis Hopper Buying Guide

One of the most overlooked pieces of Tennis Equipment is the Tennis Ball Basket but just like with racquets and shoes, the right ball hopper can help significantly improve your performance on the court. The ideal hopper will allow you to maximize your time on the court by spending more time practicing and less time bending over and collecting balls. The capacity, mobility, and durability of the hoppers are also important factors to consider. While the styles and capacities vary, there are some essential features that undoubtedly make for the best tennis ball hoppers.


Ball Hoppers come in a variety of sizes and ball capacities. In general, the ideal size hopper will allow you to spend as much time as possible practicing. If you are practicing alone or in small groups then you probably don’t need as many balls as a Tennis Pro or coach for a team of players. The larger the basket the heavier and more cumbersome it can be, so you will likely want to make sure you find the right balance between capacity and weight.


The best tennis ball baskets have wheels that allow for easy mobility across the surface of the court. The ideal baskets have integrated wheels that are rugged enough to roll smoothly on hard surfaces or grass courts and wide enough on the base of the basket to maximize the balance while rolling.


This might seem obvious but another key feature to look for in the best tennis hoppers is the ability to collect balls from the court without bending down. This will save you a considerable amount of time when cleaning the courts and saves your strength by eliminating the need to constantly bend down and stand up to collect balls during valuable practice time. A hopper like the styles from Hoparazzi have an easy method for collecting balls that lets you push the hopper along the courts and collect them as you go.


One of the common issues people have with their ball baskets is that they are not very sturdy. If you are serious about tennis then you need a tennis hopper that will withstand the demands of a tennis season. Often people choose a hopper based on the price but quickly realize that they should have gone for a metal framed basket with reinforced welds. The sturdier baskets last twice as long or longer than the cheaper brands and save you time and money in the long run. Hoparazzi ball hoppers actually have a One Year Warranty for their baskets.


There is one style of tennis hopper that has a patented design which allows you to stack the hoppers when not in use. You will appreciate the Hoparazzi Alpha Series hoppers for the convenience of being able to stack them and roll the stack where ever you want to go.


When you think of tennis ball baskets you probably imagine something similar to grocery baskets. However there are many different styles of hoppers available. There are plastic or metal models each with their own visual appeal, for lack of visual appeal. Hoparazzi has a unique variety of dynamic colors and a sleek design that conveys an impressive appearance on the courts.


The price is a significant factor in choosing the right tennis ball basket. If you have done any research or shopping for tennis hoppers online you’ve probably noticed that they are all within a few dollars of each other in price, for similar sized baskets. For this reason it is a smart decision to go with a basket that is durable and actually works the best for what you buy it for, to quickly and easily collect the balls from your courts.

Shopping for tennis equipment online, like ball hoppers, can be daunting because there are so many brands and styles that appear at first glance to be similar. Hopefully this list will help you clear through the clutter and find the best baskets for your needs.

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